Behavioural Ecology Lab (B.E.L.) is a newly formed group but there is a lot of room for more like-minded people. We welcome applications from bright and enthusiastic people who share our passion for behavioural ecology. We will be happy to host you for a short or long term depending on the strength of your interest and depth of your curiosity.

Note from Manjari

I encourage you to think of what excites you the most with respect to questions in ecology and evolution. Although my research interests are centered around the two broad topics of acoustic communication and sociality, I am open to other topics in sensory ecology, behaviour, evolution and conservation, provided you have a clear idea of what you want to work on. Further, the study system for any given project should be chosen keeping various factors in mind including appropriateness to the questions addressed, logistics of carrying out the experiments/observations and last but not the least, ease of obtaining permits (if applicable).

Please go through my research interests before you apply to me. Generic applications/mails will not receive any response.