Behavioural Ecology Lab

We are a small group of enthusiastic people who are fascinated by the diversity of life, in form and function. This fascination in combination with our passion for basic science has brought us together here. People in the lab have diverse interests under the overarching theme of behavioural ecology.


Richa, Rimpy, Pratibha, Harpreet, Akansha, Akshay, Manjari, Saumya, Lata, Ranjana, Shiven, Sekhar, Antarjyot (2015)

Principal Investigator

Dr. Manjari Jain

I joined IISER Mohali in October 2013 as an Assistant Professor (Biology) and am in the process of setting up the Behavioural Ecology Lab.




Dr. V. Mahandran

I am keenly interested in understanding the behavioural ecology of flying mammals, especially fruit bats. My specific focus is on bat-plant interactions (chiropterophily and chiropterochory). I am also curious about understanding the sensory biology and sociobiology of these cryptic species.


  • Current: Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali.
  • 2011-2016: Ph.D. student, Dept. of Animal Health and Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  • 2009-2010: Visiting student, Dept. of Animal Behaviour and Physiology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
  • 2005-2007: M.Sc., Dept. of Biotechnology, Sri Kaliswari College, Sivakasi.
  • 2002-2005: B.Sc. Dept. of Biotechnology, Sri Kaliswari College, Sivakasi.

Ph.D. Students

Richa Singh

Ph. D. student, IISER Mohali and DST INSPIRE fellow.
M. Sc. Environmental Science, University of Allahabad.

Yambem Soniya

Ph. D. student, IISER Mohali and CSIR-UGC fellow.
M. Sc. Botany, Hindu College, University of Delhi.

Sonam Chorol

Ph. D. student, IISER Mohali and CSIR-UGC fellow.
M. Sc. Zoology, HNB Garhwal University.


Masters Students

Shivaprasad G. Patil

5th year B.S.-M.S. student, IISER Mohali.


Summer Students