I am a biologist with broad interests in ecology and evolution. My research is largely focused on the ecology, evolution and perception of acoustic communication in animals. I use a combination of field and lab-based experiments, empirical observations and computer simulation-based approaches to address my research questions. My research has been question-driven and I have worked on a range of study systems including insects, fishes, birds and mammals.

Recent Publications

Zebrafish uses visual landmarks!

Feeding in murky waters: acclimatization and landmarks improve foraging efficiency of zebrafish (Danio rerio) in turbid waters

MA Sekhar, R Singh, A Bhat, M Jain

Biology letters (2019)

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Cricket calls reveal male body size!

Variation in call types, calling activity patterns and relationship between call frequency and body size in a field cricket, Acanthogryllus asiaticus

R Singh, M Jain

Bioacoustics (2020)

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More than just babble...

Structural and functional complexity of vocalizations in a cooperatively breeding passerine, Jungle Babbler

SD Yambem, S Chorol, M Jain
bioRxiv 2020
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Rearing environment matters!

Effect of temperature on life-history traits and mating calls of a field cricket, Acanthogryllus asiaticus

R Singh, P Prathibha, M Jain
Journal of Thermal Biology (2020)
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What's new?
Welcome Kanika!

Kanika has a Masters in Environmental Science and is interested in Avian Ecology. She is a recepient of a Junior Research Fellowship from UGC in June 2019. She joined BEL for her PhD in Jan 2020 and is interested in avian acoustics and sociobiology.


Adi, Pankhuri, Deepak, Rohit, PP and Karthik Graduate from IISER-M in Aug 2020. All six had done their Master thesis in BEL (Adit on micro bats, Pankha on Purple Sunbird, DJ Deepak on moths, Rohit on Nicobar long-tailed macacque, and PP and KT on crickets) and each one produced a fantastic thesis!

Congratulations Dr. R!

Richa graduated from IISER-M in July 2020. Richa was the first Ph.D. student at BEL. It is a happy sad feeling when the first one leaves the nest.

Welcome Gaurav!

Gaurav graduated from IISER-M with a Masters in Physics in Aug 2020. After doing spectacularly well in Physics, he chose to return to his first love, ornithology and joined BEL for his PhD work.

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
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