Current Lab

We are a group of enthusiastic people who are fascinated by the diversity of life, in form and function. This fascination in combination with our passion for basic science has brought us together here. People in the lab have diverse interests under the overarching theme of behavioural ecology.


Principal Investigator


Manjari with the youngest member of lab!

Appointments and Academic History


Postdoctoral Fellow



                         Dr. Baheerathan M.

Brief Bio

Baheerathan (aka Bahee) started his career as a bioengineer with a B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree at KCT, Coimbatore. He then pursued a Master's in Genomics at MKU, Madurai. For his Master's dissertation he studied the role of olfaction in the greater short-nosed fruit bat, under the guidance of Prof. G. Marimuthu, a pioneer in Indian Chiropterology. This kindled his interest in bats, sensory ecology and animal behaviour. Bahee then went on to do his Ph.D. with Prof. Hema Somanathan at IISER TVM. For his PhD he studied the visual ecology of three sympatric fruit bats using a combination of methods in ecology, neuroanatomy and behaviour. His PhD work resulted in several novel insights about fruit bat visual ecology. At BEL, Bahee will work on the movement ecology of birds and fruit bats in order to understand how behaviour is shaped by underlying movement patterns.

  • 2023: IISER Mohali Postdoctoral Fellow, BEL, IISERM
  • 2015-2023: Ph.D., IISER Thiruvananthapuram
  • 2013-2015: M.Sc (Genomics), Madurai Kamaraj University
  • 2008-2012: B.Tech (Biotechnology), Kumaraguru College of Technology

Ph.D. Students


                           Kanika Rajput (2020 - )

                      UGC Senior Research Fellow


                           Gaurav Singh (2020 - )

                       IISER M Direct PhD student
Jungle Babblers

Next is who?

                             Anway Sarkar (2021- )

                      CSIR Senior Research Fellow


                           Harish Kumar (2022 - )

                       UGC Junior Research Fellow

Jungle Babblers

Kanika, Anway and Harish are all working on various aspects of acoustic communication and behavioural ecology of  social babblers. Gaurav is working on soundscape ecology and passive acoustic monitoring. All of them conduct extensive fieldwork to collect data and do extensive lab-based work. 

Kanika is from Delhi and has a Masters in Environmental Science from Indraprastha Univ.

Gaurav is from Gurgaon and  did an integrated BSMS (Physics) from IISER Mohali. 

Anway is from Arunachal and did an integrated BSMS (Biology) from NISER.

Harish is from Haryana and has a Masters in Zoology from Kurukshetra Univ.

Master's thesis Students


                     Shubham Verma (2023-2024)


                     Aparna (2023-2024)

Shubham is a Master's thesis student from IISER Mohali, working with us at BEL. He is working on sexual selection and immune function in crickets.

Aparna is a Master's thesis student from IISER Mohali, working with us at BEL. She is working on examining the utility of passive monitoring in assessing avian diversity .